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Mum’s Birthday Gift

What on earth do I buy my mother for her birthday? She lives overseas and I like to try and buy her something different, especially as I am not there to spend the day with her and hand over the present in person. It gets harder with age to choose an appropriate gift and I try to get Australian and local gifts whenever possible. As it has to be posted, I’ve often opted for a nice piece of clothing to reduce on the postage costs. She loves to get shirts and jumpers so they’ve been good gifts to send to her. I’ve also done the traditional Australian items of ugg boots, a nice bottle of wine, or a random tube of emu cream which helped arthritis that I once bought at a country farmers market.

I was thinking about buying something online from a local shop to her but I’ve resorted to that when I have struggled to find a unique gift for her before. It is an easy option but there’s not much thought gone into the gift. But I do know that she’ll appreciate it and could potentially change it if she’d prefer a different item. That can be my backup plan if all else fails. But I was given the idea by a friend of getting some locally produced organic skin care products which are available online. Being Australian is the first tick, the second is that it is organic. I like the idea of using only the best Australian organic skin care products I can find especially as it is for a present and my mother does deserve the best!

There are some excellent organic hand creams within the organic skin care ranges available online from Australian producers. It is all about finding the right product that suits your needs. In my case, it was about finding one that my Mum would like. She is not keen on coconut so that ruled out a few! However, I’ve found a few that totally hit the mark. Like me, my mother is time poor or rather is not the best at taking time for herself so finding simple to use regime is important. Even if I get her a moisturiser, that would be good start. The good news is that my mum will try what I send her even if she’s not heard of that particular product. She will trust my judgement which makes me feel good but also I do need to make the right choice. Let’s just hope my mum is as happy with her present as I am about giving it to her. She deserves something truly lovely and these products are just that.